2021 China's Top 500 Private Enterprises List Released! The Far East Ranked 229th

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On September 25, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce released the 2021 China's Top 500 Private Enterprises list and the 2021 China's Top 500 Private Enterprises research and analysis report in Changsha. Far East Holding Group ranks no. 229 in the list of 2021 Top 500 Private Enterprises, 4 places higher than last year, which is another honor this year after entering Jiangsu Top 200 Private Enterprises, China top 500 Enterprises and China Top 500 Manufacturers.

"2021 China top 500 private enterprises research analysis report shows that in 2020, the top 500 private enterprises carry out the epidemic prevention, return to work     at the same time, continue to strengthen innovation and breakthrough in key core technology, improve quality, create brand, strengthen the corporate governance, initiative to prevent and dissolve all kinds of risk challenge, and constantly strengthen the enterprise core competitive power.There was a new improvement in the main indicators. The entry threshold for the top 500 private enterprises reached 23.501 billion yuan, an increase of 3.297 billion yuan over the previous year.

Against the backdrop of a complex and grim economic situation, the Far East has acted with the trend, actively explored the market, optimized its industrial structure, focused on its main business and stayed committed to its industries, and maintained a steady and sound momentum of development. Being included in the "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises" and "Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises" again is a full recognition of the high quality development of the Far East and a testament to the steady progress of the Far East towards its strategic goal of becoming "no. 1 in the world".


 Focus on the main business, multi-plate efforts to achieve remarkable results

On the road of "second entrepreneurship", the Far East focuses on the power energy circuit, and lays out four business segments, namely smart cable network, smart airport, smart battery and smart energy, to make efforts in key links of the carbon neutral industrial chain and help achieve the goal of "dual carbon".

As wires in the vanguard of the industry, the Far East has realized from the wire and cable manufacturing to provide "planning and design- product supply- construction installation - operational monitoring - energy efficiency management - the total package investment" whole industry chain services, cable production and marketing scale keeps industry leader for 23 years. The Far East is the largest, leading market segment, and the most influential intellectual cable production enterprise, and won the industry's first national quality award. In the future, the Far East will continue to deepen its market segmentation, maintain a leading position in clean energy, smart grid, green building and other segments, and strive to become the first in wind power, photovoltaic, nuclear power cable and other segments.

Except for focusing on main business, the Far East has also developed the smart airport. Beijing navigation airport engineering co., LTD is owned by Beijing civil aviation airport engineering company with double one class aptitude, industry leading technology products research and development ability, the wisdom of airport navigation lights and weak current business approaches, leading the construction at home and abroad more than 600 projects in more than 160 airports.

In the smart battery sector, the Far East has made an in-depth layout of the lithium battery industry, devoted itself to the development of new energy power batteries, energy storage base stations, etc., and persisted in creating highly safe and durable cylindrical cells to meet the needs of customers in the light travel market. Now, it has become the supplier of Niu, Nanenbo and other enterprises. In January 2021, it obtained a three-year order contract of 150 million units from 2021 to 2023, which is expected to generate no less than 900 million yuan of operating revenue.

At the same time, the Far East is also vigorously developing the new energy industry, carrying out comprehensive energy business, providing diversified forms of energy and services to meet users' needs, and providing comprehensive energy solutions integrating consulting, planning and design, general contracting, installation and commissioning, operation and maintenance, etc. In integrated energy, electricity sales, incremental distribution, power engineering, energy technology are in the forefront of the industry.

   We should fulfill our social responsibilities and demonstrate our responsibility as big enterprises

The Far East won China Charity Award for "Most Caring Charitable Donation Enterprise"

 "Creating value and serving society" is the original mission of the Far East unswervingly. While developing itself, the Far East has always been committed to corporate social responsibility.

 In 2007, the Far East invested 82.96 million yuan to set up the Far East Charity Foundation. So far, it has set up 286 centers nationwide to help people with disabilities start their own businesses, and has helped more than 3,000 people with disabilities by solving their employment and business problems. In 2017, it also invested 130 million yuan to set up the Far East Education Reward Fund, with 6 million yuan every year to reward excellent teachers and students with outstanding achievements in the city. In addition, the Far East has played an active role in overcoming social difficulties, such as the snow disaster in 2008, the Wenchuan earthquake and the Wuhan epidemic in 2020.

Taking charity as a career, over the years, the Far East has made great efforts in fighting COVID-19, poverty alleviation, employment and entrepreneurship for the disabled, and educational assistance, which has won full recognition from all walks of life for many years, and has won honors such as "China Charity Award", "The Most Caring Charitable Donation Enterprise", "Jiangsu Charity Award", and "Top 10 Global Charity Model Public Welfare Projects".

As China's top 500 enterprises, China top 500 private enterprises, the Far East always adhere to the party and country. With strong research and development, excellent product quality and whole-life service guarantee, the Far East leads the high-quality development of the industry, and integrates social values and responsibilities, striving to realize the vision of "Jointly building and sharing a safe and better life".

In the future, the Far East will continue to lay a solid foundation for industrial development, continuously enhance its innovation and competitiveness, better cultivate its internal strength, carry forward the spirit of hard work, and contribute to the take-off of the national economy with higher standards.

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