Deep Into the Photovoltaic Field, Far East Cable Help the Construction of New Energy

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This year marks the beginning of the 14th Five-Year Plan. Wind power and photovoltaic power have entered a new stage of development. In order to continuously promote the high-quality development of wind power and photovoltaic power, the National Energy Administration officially issued a notice on the construction of wind power and photovoltaic power generation in May in 2021, which has played a positive role in continuously accelerating the development of wind power and photovoltaic power generation projects.

According to the notice, China's wind power and photovoltaic development target is to make wind power and photovoltaic power generation account for about 11% of the country's electricity consumption by 2021, and increase each year to ensure that non-fossil energy consumption accounts for about 20% of primary energy consumption by 2025. Photovoltaic power generation, in particular, has witnessed a rapid market expansion in recent years. With the continuous progress of technology, the cost has been significantly reduced, showing a promising future. By the end of 2020, the cumulative installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation was 253.43GW, and it is estimated that it will be 296.13GW in 2021.

The development of photovoltaic power generation drives the development of related industries, including photovoltaic cable, which greatly stimulates the market demand of photovoltaic cable. As a leading enterprise in cable industry for 36 years, and relying on strong R&D strength and technical level, Far East Smart Energy Co., LTD. (Short for: Far East Stock Code: 600869) has provided professional solutions and improved product R&D system in the field of photovoltaic cable, leading the development of the industry with the ultimate timely products and services, which are favored by customers.

Different from conventional cable products, photovoltaic cable is often exposed to sunlight, and subjected to high temperature and ultraviolet radiation for a long time, resulting in poor condition if laid outdoor. Therefore, photovoltaic cables need to be resistant to uv, ozone, severe temperature changes and chemical erosion conditions and other product characteristics.

For the specific requirements of the photovoltaic cable, the Far East went into laying environment, technical parameters and applications of the photovoltaic cable, to provide optimization of the system selection, and carried on the research and development of new products, creating perfect product solution of land or construction or photovoltaic water, which includes DC power transmission from module to module, from module to bus box, from bus box to inverter, and power transmission from inverter to transformer, from transformer to power grid and other power transmission, covering the entire photovoltaic power generation system networking.

Taking terrestrial pv as an example, Yuandong Cable has independently developed photovoltaic wires, parallel two-core photovoltaic wires, photovoltaic DC junction cables, aluminum alloy cables and other products, which can meet relevant application scenarios. For example, the photovoltaic wire is a single-core soft cable used in the DC side of the photovoltaic system. It is suitable for the maximum allowable DC voltage of 1.8kV voltage (wire core to wire core, non-grounded system), It is also suitable for the use of class II safety level. At the same time, it has excellent penetration resistance, halogen-free flame retardant, weather resistance, uv resistance and ozone resistance. It is also worth mentioning that the product is TUV certified and can be manufactured according to EU standards.

Two-core parallel photovoltaic wire is used in the DC side of the photovoltaic system, suitable for the maximum allowable 1.8kV DC voltage (wire core to wire core, ungrounded system), suitable for the use of class II safety class, and the cable operating temperature can be up to 120℃. There is a connecting rib between the two cores and they can be torn, so it is convenient for construction personnel to group and site maintenance personnel to find when installing and laying, which helps to improve laying efficiency, and wiring is neat, with halogen-free flame retardant environmental protection.

Photovoltaic DC junction cable is used for the DC power transmission between the bus box and the inverter of pv projects. The product has good anti-sun aging characteristics and bending performance, and the cable insulation core also adopts the straight drag structure conductor, so DC resistance is smaller, the flat cable structure is less filling, thermal resistance is less, and has a larger transmission capacity. In addition, it has a wider range of adaptability to temperature, and can be tailored according to the design needs of the line, fully meet the complex and changeable environment and laying requirements of photovoltaic power stations.

With excellent product performance and overall product solutions, the Far East has been highly recognized by customers. At present, photovoltaic cable products have been used in batches in hundreds of photovoltaic power stations. For example, yugan 250MWp photovoltaic project in Shangrao, Jiangxi province, 100MW Yuguang complementary photovoltaic power project in Shuanggang Town, Tongcheng city, 100MWp photovoltaic power project in Weinan, Shaanxi Province, No.4 100MWp Photovoltaic Power Generation Application Leading Base, And 4*20MWp Yuguang complementary photovoltaic poverty alleviation Power station project in Xiangyin County, Xiangbin Feitang Lake, etc., all performance indicators have been stable since operation.

Admittedly, China's new energy power generation industry started late compared with European and American countries, but it has completed the independent construction of new energy power generation industry and product system after long-term development. In the future, photovoltaic power generation will occupy the main position of new energy generation in China. Far East Cable will continue to participate in and promote the development of wind power, nuclear power, photovoltaic and other clean energy fields, providing far East solutions and contributing far East wisdom to the construction of a clean and efficient modern energy system and a modern economic system of green, low-carbon and circular development.

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